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Welcome to TongCheng COPPER
Zhejiang Tongcheng Alloy Copper CO.,LTD. was founded in Dec,2013. Companies registered capital is 60 million. And operating Under three systems of ISO9001(quality)、ISO14001(environment)、GB/T28001(safety), it is national high and new technology enterprise which is major in producing high zinc copper alloy tubes.
Zhejiang Tongcheng not only have copper alloy tube roll casting manufacturing process whole intellectual property(Remark: Now company have 3 national invention patents and 10 patent for utility models ), but also it is the only one company in global for method of roll casting of copper alloy tubes production capacity of ten thousand tons. And a number of core technologies are the first checked by Chinese Non-ferrous Metals intelligence research institutions. Also, our company is a member of national Non-ferrous Metals Industry standards.
Zhejiang Tongcheng’s Copper alloy tubes are used in many areas.For example:nuclear power, ship, communication,machines, bathroom,decoration , air conditioner and all kinds of electrical appliances. The applied range is increasing by improving the quality of life.
Zhejiang Tongcheng’s Copper alloy tube production have high strength, clear surface, good plastic deformation. The production  comprehensive performance is better than the past . Meanwhile the company eliminates the past method of production which Has been used by slab heating, sulfuric acid pickling since copper alloy tube was invented. It is showed on today’s Non-ferrous Metal Industry by the energy conservation, environmental protection, efficient method.
Zhejiang Tongcheng’s “Tongcheng” brand Copper alloy tube become the first choice production of domestic client marketed since 2015. Meanwhile a lot of productions are exported to the international markets, and also Zhejiang Tongcheng have become the strategic partner of foreign famous customers.
In future, company will not only cooperates with domestic well-known universities for study research, but also increases development of new productions and quality managements, become a satified company of the many parties.
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